Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fireman Cooper

A quick page I did yesterday arvo/night...very simple but I'm pretty happy with it...I've got that much to do that I can't be fussy all the time! Cooper was about six weeks old in this picture, wearing Daniel's fave outfit that says 'I wanna be a Fireman'.

Its really funny cause at the time Daniel was in the Rural Fire Service but now he's a 'REAL FIREMAN' as Cooper calls him. Cooper talks about going to 'fire calls' all the time and loves it when Daddy take him down to see the fire truck.

It was really good actually...my scrap room is downstairs and so is our rumpus room which is now the toy room and has the Thomas table in it. So yesterday Daniel, Cooper and Georgia played in the toy room while I scrapped...it was lovely and I didn't feel like I was excluding myself from my family by going and hiding in the scrap room!

Lets see if I can get another one done today...I said to Daniel that I'd get through my scrapping heaps quicker if we did that every day!



  1. Cool fireman. Love it. Hope to see you sometime on www.mikascrap.typepad.com

  2. Love the little fireman...what a cutie.