Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Last night's effort...

So I did get more done yesterday arvo/night! Surprise, surprise...

Two pages, I was stoked. A good effort for just an ordinary night of the week.

The first one is of Georgia, cheeky girl, loved this outfit so much! For some reason the little photos are darker, damn Rabbit photo...

The next one is of little Cooper with our two pups, Kiara & Kobe. Just love this photo, always have!

No scrapping to be done tonight, have had an awful day and just need to lay on the lounge and take it easy (for once). Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!



  1. Great work and of course it's good that you added me to your blog. Have fun today. Mika

  2. HI,ive found my way to your blog,i just love your slide show your pages look amazing.

  3. I found your blog via Kristys & thought I would tell you I agree with Kristy. Your pages are excellent!

  4. gorgeous Lo's Sar..... I hope your day has improved!! :)