Monday, September 17, 2007

So I'm Up...

Told ya....I just knew this was going to happen tonight. Georgia has been carrying on since midnight. Its now 2.38am. Daniel got home from work at about 12.30pm so he dealt with her for a while, but I ended up telling him to go to bed a 2am (seeing as he went to work at 10.15am this morning) and now I'm up. Daniel gave her a bottle, thinking that was her problem...but no, she's still crying. I am doing the five minute thing with her...its a plan the midwife gave me called 'controlled comforting' where you go into their room every five minutes and say goodnight to the 'trigger' (which in our case is cow) then pat the baby, say goodnight and walk away. Its really really hard, but not as hard as controlled crying...I did that with Cooper and sometimes he'd cry for nearly an hour at a time. Apparently this teaches them that we're still here and we'll be here if she needs us, but by going in it makes her feel comfortable enough to go to sleep on her own. I've had to do this once before and it took three hours of constant going in and out every five minutes...but the next night she slept through. Its finally been bad enough with her and has been going on for nearly two weeks of her waking in the night, so I'm over it....trying it again.

At least my ironing is getting done...oh, five minutes, better go...



  1. Oh dear.... You poor thing!!! I'm not looking forward to the night time thing when that time comes around for me again... :( Its the WORST bit....

    Hope things are looking up for you soon!! :) LOL just think in no time at all she will be a teenager, and things will be so much WORSE!!! .... he he he only joking!! :)

  2. Feeling for you! Mia was a pretty good sleeper at that age, I just rocked her to sleep for the first 7 months until I snapped! You are still fitting in abit of scrapping, half your luck! I have heaps I want to catch up on this week! I've been very busy but hopefully now I'll get some more me time! I'm still checking in on your blog nearly everyday and am loving the pages you've been putting up!

  3. oh you poor mum Sar - it breaks your heart to hear your little one crying, but you can't let them get away with it. Sometimes you just want to pick them up...I really feel for you. My kids are still terrible sleepers sometimes.