Saturday, December 19, 2009

Officially a BIG BOY...

...and I thought I was ok with that! Until I walked into preschool to pick him up for the last time...all I had to do was look at Cooper's teacher and we were both in tears. I have kinda been trying to pretend it isn't happening, he CAN'T be going to school next year, he CAN'T be finishing preschool....but he is, and he has. :(

Here are some pics from this afternoon when I picked Coop up.

Getting ready to leave

Signing him out for the very last time :(

And waving goodbye to 'school'

I am sad that he has to leave his friends that have been with him since he was a baby, I am sad that he has to leave Georgie as I know they spend lots of time together at school and he was in most of her pics in her book we brought home yesterday. I am sad that he has to go to 'big school' not knowing anyone.

BUT, I am happy that he made such wonderful friends at preschool, friends that I'm sure we'll still see regardless. I am happy that Georgie will be able to 'come into her own' and grow that little bit of independance I know she needs. And I am happy that Cooper is going to a great school, the same school his Daddy went to all those years ago. And I know deep down that it'll only be the first five minutes on the first day that he doesn't know anyone, and that he'll make friends super easy.

I just wish I could slow time down a little, he was only a baby five minutes ago. xoxo


  1. Oh Sar! It is sad when they grow up so quickly! Have got to love those photos! a true scrapper lol

  2. Oh I know how you feel....I am in the same position!

  3. aww that is so is sad when they leave preschool, he will love big school next year xxx

  4. Naaawwwww, thats so sad.
    he'll love big school im sure.
    Just shows how fast time flys hey?

  5. I felt exactly the same, took me by surprise.
    He looks so grogeous Sar, just like his mummy!!

  6. you made me all teary...

    what a huge time for him his going to love school babe.. lots of kids EVERYWHERE!

    take care sar