Monday, April 4, 2011


A busy few days has had me not blogging and barely scrapping, life is just so busy!

Amongst other things this weekend I managed to complete my first proper fun run (I've done one before but walked the whole way) for the Kembla Joggers Fitness 5 yesterday. I ran 5km in 32.5 minutes, only stopping to walk a few times to catch my breath. I was so proud of myself but omg thought I was gonna pass out after reaching that finish line! And my legs today! Soooo sore! Thanks to my besties Linda & Leesh for encouraging me to get involved...wouldn't have done it without you (and your nagging!). ;)

Apart from that we've had b'days galore, dinner with friends, Cooper's football and Georgie's eisteddfod rehearsals.

AND my little nephew Spike (1.5yo) broke his arm in two places on Thursday night, so we've been worrying about him and got to visit him on Friday night. Poor little mite has a cast from his shoulder to his wrist. I have to say though, he did look great on Friday night, smiling & laughing & playing...his poor stressed Mummy & Daddy not so much though!

Here he is on the day he was born, I did this layout a little while ago and haven't had the chance to share. This page was actually about my maiden name and how my brother's two boys are the last in the line of Pettett's in our family. So great for my Dad to have these little boys carrying on our family name. xx

Thanks for visiting, see you soon.


  1. I am soooo proud of you for doing the fun run honey. that is an awesome time!
    Poor little Spike :( I am sure Dave and Jozie were worried!
    see you soon!

  2. I'm here anytime you need me to nag you lol... can't wait to run the mothers day fun run with you!!