Friday, April 8, 2011

Its Friday today!

So glad the weekend is nearly here, and what a weekend its going to be!!!

Tonight I look forward to scrapping with some gorgeous girls at the last Scrapbook Savvy crop. Hopefully I'll finally be able to dig into the new kits and get my kit challenge page done!

Ooooh and the next Purple Pumpkin sale is on tonight as well, so I'll definitely be online waiting with bated breath for the reveal...and I have already had requests for the computer to be available at crop tonight so the girls don't miss out! Make sure you check it out, there is sure to be something for everyone!

Tomorrow is looking a busy day, but I'm so looking forward to it! We have Cooper's footy game in the morning, then an Activewear clothes party at Alicia's before heading over to Scrapbooking Delights with Nat for a visit with San until she finishes work. Then its PARTY TIME for Megan's 40th, gonna be a fab arvo/night and I can't wait!

Dan is taking all the kids to the farm for the night so my whole family will be having a fun time with friends - me with the girls, Dan with the boys, and the kids with their little friends! We're so lucky to be surrounded by such a great group of amazing people who help to make our lives complete.

Sunday morning will hopefully be a lazy one but then an afternoon bbq with some gorgeous friends will make it the perfect day while watching the Dragons game on the big screen.

Gotta love weekends like that! :D

And to bring some scrappy into my post, here's a couple of pages!

Icing Only - a page using scraps from an old She's Savvy kit, love getting the most out of these kits and just keep adding more cardstock until its impossible to get another page out of it!

Her Day - a page of my kids with their 'cousin' Charlotte on her birthday last month. When I say cousin I don't mean by blood. Sometimes friends are more 'family' than real family can be...and we are so lucky to have this family in our life, with Ben & Leesh being godparents to all of our babies and our kids being so close. Love you guys. xx

I used the sold out March We're Savvy Kit for this one.

Have a great Friday, see you soon!


  1. Can you please stop making me cry when I read your blog :) mwah!!!!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about friends are more like family honey....
    love you xxxx

  3. Such beautiful words Sar! You made me tear up and I am not even involved :)
    Both of the pages are just fabulous, love how much you get from your kits.

  4. Gorgeous work as usual, Sar.

  5. Loving your icing layout.
    Sometimes friends are our perfect family, so happy that you have such a special network.