Saturday, April 16, 2011

Road Trip Randoms!

We are on holidays! Left home early yesterday morning to head to Dubbo. Our first stop, The Three Sisters at Katoomba. The kids have been intrigued by the story of the Three Sisters and I've had to repeat it numerous times. Georgie has even told me she is sad that the girls got turned into stone cause now she can't play with them. Kids eh...

The typical tourist shot of The Three Sisters.

The kids, still in their pjs. :)

And the expected selfie of me & Dan. xx

We had big plans today of spending the day at the Western Plains Zoo. We packed our bikes and a trailer for the girls, but unfortunately the weather had other plans. I had a dream last night that it was raining....and lo & behold I woke up at 6am to the sound of rain. So this morning we went straight to the shops, bought some raincoats and went to the zoo anyway. We had a good few hours there, but not the whole day we had planned. By just after lunch we were wet through, which isn't good for those with the flu (me) and those with ear infections (Georgie) so we headed back to our hotel. We got a few good photos and saw most of the animals, but I'd love to do it again sometime like we planned without the rain & mud dampening the day. Here's a few pics of what we did see.

The rhinos (yes, we did see real ones too!).

The giraffes, which were just AMAZING and so close, being fed & frolicking in the rain. The are just SO big and lanky, and just WOW! The kids were in awe.

And the elephants were another major highlight, well worth the trek through the mud to get to them!

We are off to the Gold Coast tomorrow, and hopefully we will get away from this yukky weather!

And some scrapping, just cause I always have something I haven't shared...

Trouble Wears A Santa Hat - a just because of Cooper a few days before Xmas 2010.

Thanks for visiting, I'll check in again soon!


  1. Good to see the weather isnt dampening too much of your days (so far) fingers crossed for better weather over the border xx Take care see you next week xx

  2. Wow, you can even share scrapping when on the road. Looks like you guys are having some fun tho. Can't wait for next saturday :D

  3. cool picks - can't believe with this crap weather there was no mist on the 3 sisters.... made me home sick - must go viist mum & dad soon :(
    glad you enjoyed the zoo even int he rain.... drive safe babe :)
    which way are you coming home???

  4. the weather doesnt look real good on this side of the border either :(
    I am sooo excited that you are nearly here *yahoo*