Sunday, November 18, 2007

Convoy for Kids!

Hi all,

Wow, what a massive day we had today. Cooper & I went to Marty & Erica's Camp Quality Convoy for Kids. Its a massive fundraiser held in Wollongong for kids with cancer, and this year was just amazing. I haven't been before, but from what I am told this year just blew everyone out of the water and I'm hanging to see how much money our city has raised for these gorgeous kids.

Cooper & I were at my friend Amy's place at 9am this morning, and waiting on Windang Bridge by 9.20am. The first truck didn't come through till sometime around 10.30am (running late of course!) and it just took your breath away. The front trucks were driven by MJ Rowles who donated $20,650 for the honour of being the first trucks, and second place was Unanderra Tanker Hire who still donated their bid of $20,600. What an amazing donation, it was just unreal listening to that auction on the radio on Friday.

Our friend Adam (Amy's soon to be hubby) was driving for NTS and was a fair way back, but not too bad considering there were over 500 trucks this year. Besides the fact that he left home at 4am to get his spot! Here is Adam's truck as it came past...he spent over 12 hours cleaning and polishing it yesterday! Looks awesome huh...

After the convoy we went to the Fun Day and Cooper had a ball. It was sooo hot and I'm pretty much burnt to a crisp tonight! Here he is in Adam's truck...he spent most of the day sitting in there honking the horn.

The only way I could get Cooper to leave was to bribe him with a swim at Amy's place. Finally he relented, lucky as I was just about passing out in the heat. He had a fun swim, as did Georgia who we picked up from Grandma & Grandad's on the way to Amy's place. Here is Cooper sitting on Adam's truck just before we left, check out the unreal sign on the back of Adam's truck, pretty special hey.

Anyway, just about my bedtime here, hopefully I'll crash as quickly as the kids did. Well, Cooper didn't crash THAT quickly at first....after being in bed for about 45 minutes after refusing to eat dinner cause he was SOOOO tired, I went in to discover him under the blankets with a torch. I told him to get out and he refused. On pulling the blankets back, I find him with a big bag of Snakes Alive lollies from his sample bag....and they were just about all gone! Couldn't believe it, sneaky little bugger! After that he was asleep within ten minutes, god knows how after eating all that sugar. Kids, I tell ya...


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