Sunday, October 7, 2007

My mum...

Last night I decided to just grab some of the new paper I've bought (Blush - Basic Grey, just gorgeous) and do something with it. Had this photo of my mum with Georgia, its a bit blurry and out of focus but I love it anyway. Its a really truthful photo...mum has so much fun when she is here and just dotes on my little girl. I used chipboard for the first time in ages...haven't used it much since I got my Cricut. I was gonna emboss it, but I still can't get the hang of the ink and heat gun...think I need to do some lessons or something in this?! Anyway, heres my page, I love it.

I have a scrap day at Alicia's, so hopefully I'll have something to show for it tonight. Bye for now!



  1. Hey you... yes you have to use those blurry photos dont you cause sometimes they are the most special ones (not that they all arent in their own way). Just rememeber the KISS rule... sometimes it will come in handy for you.... Keep It Simple Stupid (sorry not calling you stupid...but my english teacher used a nice way)

  2. Great LO, hey was wondering about Cricut, are they expensive, do you get the moneys worth out of it and how do you use it? I am loving some of the lettering you have been using on your LO's, is this what you've been using? Your LO's are rockin babe!!! xx

  3. Lovely LO colours are wonderful. know what you mean about heat guns. Tried heating further away and thats no good , get closer and my paper tends to bend so if you get any tips pass them on and I'll do the same .

  4. i just love using the positive and the negative of the chipboard lettering it has a fantastic effect!The LO looks adorable.