Sunday, October 21, 2007

Don't worry - I am alive!!

Sorry girls, I've been a bit slack haven't I... ;)

I am here but very busy, have had a lot going on this week including hubby being away and my sis-in-law being in hospital with pancreatitis...let alone all that usually goes on in my busy life!!

Not a LOT going on in my scrap world, but did manage to have a scrap day with the girls yesterday while all our boys were three layouts done for the day but haven't had a chance to take daytime pics yet to post. Will try my best to do that tomorrow.

Kids are good but missed their Daddy this weekend....don't think we've ever seen Georgia so excited as when she finally saw her Daddy at 6pm tonight after four days away! She has been saying 'Dadadadadad' all weekend and Cooper keeps telling me she is saying 'Where's Daddy!?'.

Had a bit of a brainfade last night and forgot to put a nappy on Cooper when he went to bed...he is three and still wears a nappy at night. So at 4.30am this morning I hear a little voice calling 'Mummy....Mummy'. I wander in to Cooper sitting up in bed and he says to me in the cutest voice ever 'You forgot to put my nappy on and I wet my pants!'. Poor boy...ended up in my bed, but his sister woke up about 45 minutes later, so really I've been up since 4.30am and am starting to feel it!

Gotta laugh at some of the things they come out with don't you. He cracked me up again this morning when we were out for our walk. On getting back to the car I started the car and Cooper said 'My seatbelt isn't on!' so I get out and go around to put his belt on (THANK GOD HE TOLD ME!). Anyway, he says to me...'You're silly forgot to put my nappy on, you forgot to put my seatbelt on AND you forgot to water daddy's plants!'. And I'm like 'Oh s**t, daddy's plants!' which I hadn't watered since he left!!!! Lucky Cooper's here... ;)

Enough from me, I'm going to bed, talk to you all tomorrow.



  1. Sounds like your a mother, always forgetting things. Forgot Charlottes nappy lastnight too. had to wake her up and put it on.

    Take Care


  2. We all have those days! Sometimes I wonder how I manage to keep it together. hehe, lucky you have your own walking/talking reminder - too cute!

  3. HI Sar, Just wondering how you are going... Its been a long time since I saw you on the SM forum, blogs, etc...

    Hope everything is well for you:)

  4. Hope things are going well for you Sar, and that you are feeling ok at the moment, been thinking of you!!!! xxx