Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stitching, not scrapping...

Well, my scrapping roll has officially been on hold...but for a good reason. I've been working on another project for which I actually have a deadline. My baby's quilt! I've been stitching and stitching over the last few nights to get the binding finished, and its finally done. Very relieved as I was starting to think I'd never get it done. AND, I've also started piecing another quilt that I'm making for Georgia's single bed...have told myself I'll have that one done by the time the new baby arrives, but we'll see. All depends on when she decides to make an entrance, I suppose!

So here is the quilt, all finished apart from a label, which will be put on when I know my baby girl's birthday. I'm very pleased with how its turned out. Nic did a beautiful job of the quilting (as always!).

Oh and some super special news...I have a brand new baby nephew! Hayley finally had the baby last night at 11.43pm after thirteen hours of labour and then an emergency caesar, poor bugger. Both mum and bub are doing well though, he was 7lb 11oz, 48cm long (short-ass just like his daddy!) and they called him Nate Cameron. We visited this afternoon and he's just gorgeous. But of course my baby brain was in full force and I forgot to take my camera! I couldn't believe it. I'll be visiting again tomorrow so will be sure to put some pics up then.

It hit me this morning at about 1am when I'd finished talking to Damo (my BIL) on the phone after Nate was born...we're next!!! Aaaarghhhh..... ;)

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  1. Sar your quilt is just gorgeous!!! Love the colors... I have been getting back into my patchwork too. Not long to go now :) Wishing you all the best for a relatively painless and happy birth of your new bundle of joy.

    take care