Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kindra's Challenge

So I have managed to cross another challenge off the list. A semi-successful scrap day today, Hayley & Emma came over but we had a houseful of children and seemed to spend more time dealing with them! Somehow I still managed to get two pages finished, though they were both an effort and nothing is coming easy to me at the moment.

Carla on the SM Forum 'challenged' me to get Cooper's first birthday done, so today I pulled that out and have a total of four pages to do. The first one is of Daniel building his bike the night before his birthday, the next is the morning of his birthday and then I have to do a double LO of his 'party' which was really just a family dinner.

So here's the first one, sorry for the blurry pic.

Kindra's challenge was to do a page with freehand doodling, and boy did I doodle! It was fun though, I enjoy just going with the flow and drawing whatever comes naturally.

Here's hoping I can finally finish Coop's first birthday and get that double done this week! Wish me luck... ;)

Tomorrow we have our 34 week ultrasound, so I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully I'll have a really good 3D shot to show off!



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  2. Wow Sar - thats a great effort to still get two layouts done whilst chasing kiddo's. I just cannot scrap when my three are around.
    Fantastic work on the two birthday layouts here - look forward to seeing the double one your doing.

    take care
    Julie xx

  3. yer .im with julie...i can't even get my act together at crops !
    great job on thaT doodling layout .
    im yet to scrap either of my girls 1st ...or 2nd ..evy was five , asti was 3 or so when i started scrapping..