Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 5!

I nearly didn't make in downstairs last the time the children stopped getting out of bed it was after 9pm and we were still moving furniture around for our floors to be sanded today...but luckily Daniel had a fire call so I was left on my own and couldn't possibly do anything else... ;)

So, I went downstairs and got a page done, this one is for the April Sketch Challenge on the SM Forum. Not quite the same as the sketch, but sort of.

So I have a fun weekend ahead, our loungeroom floor is being sanded today where we had water come in during the storms...then it has to sit for a few days before the final polish can be done, so I have to keep the kids out of there all weekend while Daniel is at work. Really looking forward to it...not! Wish me luck, hope you all have a good Anzac Day today and a great weekend ahead.

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