Saturday, April 5, 2008

Linda's Challenge Done

A quieter weekend for me than I thought, we're supposed to be at a 4th birthday party right now but Cooper is coughing non-stop and has been since last night, poor kid. He was soooo disappointed as he was really looking forward to going to his new friend Ashleigh's birthday, but there was nothing I could do. I've promised him a play day soon with Ash to make up for missing out today.

Yesterday Hayley & I had a kid-free scrap day, which was just lovely. We only had about 4.5 hours but we both got a bit done, I completed two layouts and Hayles managed three.

The first one I'm really happy with. I used Sketch 55 from Got Sketch, an unreal website I found through Lisa's blog. What a great source of inspiration to help me out when I'm having a mind blank...which happens quite a bit lately with this damn pregnancy brain of mine!

The next one I completed without any help, yay me! Its an old one, and geez did I cop it from Hayley from being so far behind with my scrapping!! Its from 2005, and one of the final ones I had to finish in Cooper's first album. I'll get there eventually, no rush... ;)

AND, this one completes Linda's challenge for April of 'No printed paper' so thats one crossed off the list of challenges for this month in my little group of scrapping buddies.

Sorry for the dodgey pic, gloss photos never come out right when I photograph them.

Off to finish the ironing, its a neverending task!


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