Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day Six...

Yep, I did it again! Went downstairs last night, Cooper was down there with me until about 9.30pm as he'd had a really late sleep and didn't get up until after 6pm. I stayed down there till about 11pm, got my page finished then attempted to go to bed.

BAD IDEA! The house absolutely reeked of tung oil that had been put on the timber floor yesterday....I had no idea how bad it'd be. I couldn't sleep, all I could smell and taste and breath was fumes. Daniel got home at 12.30am and I was still awake, stayed up with him till about 1.30am...2.45am I was still looking at the clock. Ended up in the baby's room (as that was the only room that had the door shut), opened the window, made a bed on the floor out of pillows and slept there! Boy, did I feel good when I woke up at about 6.15am...not. My god, what a night. Its still pretty bad now but I have the whole house open trying to ventilate, so fingers crossed I can actually get a little bit of sleep tonight.

Kids are going to bed early and I'm scrapping!!! Not for long though, reckon it'll be a pretty early night for me too.

Spent the day with Hayles today, poor bugger still hasn't had her baby. She is now a week overdue and is booked in to be induced on Tuesday if it hasn't happened by itself before then. Got some quilting done...well, not actual quilting but cut out the blocks for Georgia's single bed quilt that I'm just starting. Kids were pretty feral, so no major progress....but it was good to get out of my stinky house for most of the day!

Kid's dinner time, best be off.

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