Monday, April 21, 2008

Sleeping babies...

Isn't it my journalling on the page below says....'no matter how tough a day we've had or how much you've been driving Mummy crazy...just one glimpse of my sleeping baby, and my LOVE for you overwhelms me...'

Its so true, you can have one of those days where you've done nothing but be annoyed at your babies...and then as soon as they go to bed, you miss them...and when you go in to kiss them (for the tenth time that night) you are amazed at their preciousness and beauty and wonder how you could ever have been cranky at them. This is my life most days, ha ha!!

I always find it harder on the weekends when Daniel is at work for three days, I don't think its that the kids are 'naughtier' while hes away...probably more the fact that I have to do everything and don't have Daniel to rely on to play with the kids and just do the basics. I'm always exhausted on a is no exception, which isn't helped by the fact that I had a crappy night's sleep for some reason. I thought i was over that, Saturday night I slept for seven hours straight (which is HEAPS for me right now) but last night, no...I felt like I was awake every five minutes.

I did achieve the one thing I wanted to this weekend just gone, and I finished my baby quilt!! I've been procrastinating with it for ages and just didn't have the 'oomph' to get it done...but with only four weeks today until I'm due, I figured I was quickly running out of time! So its done, and I took it over to my sister Nic of Nicquiltz for her to work her magic. All I'll have to do is handstitch the binding when it gets back. As always, I can't wait to see what she does with it. I'll be sure to post a photo of it when its finished.

AND, I managed to make it downstairs last night after Dance and completed one layout for Cooper's SECOND album, yep second album....his first album is all but finished, finally! A very simple one from me, but at least its another page down of the million or so I've got to do...

Lots to be done in my house this week, we're in the middle of getting our rumpus room finished (after six years we decide to do this a month before bub arrives!) so hopefully we'll be painting later today. The 'fun room' is downstairs next to my scrap room, so the plan is that having this room done will make me spend more time scrapping...being able to take the kids down with me will hopefully make it a bit easier. Wish us luck!


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