Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Three days running...

...I've actually made it into the scrap room! Whats going on?! Wonder if I can keep this up...I should challenge myself to do that every day until bub arrives (cause then my life will be completely turned upside down!)...even if I don't get a whole layout done, to get SOMETHING done every day would be unreal. Alright, I'll do this space... ;)

Here is my effort from last night, love these colours, they were just perfect for this boy page. Had fun just adding bits and pieces to this one until I thought it was 'enough'. No challenge criteria met (bugger, I'm running out of time!), did this one just because I wanted to.

Nic finished my quilt yesterday so I'm hanging to pick that up this afternoon. How lazy, I even made her sew the binding on for me so all I have to do is the hand stitching!!! Will post pics later...

This week is dragging....we've been waiting and waiting for Daniel's brother Damien & sis-in-law Hayley to have their baby, she was due on Saturday and is still at home...I keep ringing her and saying 'What are you doing? You're meant to be at the hospital!', but no. Soon, its gotta be soon....thinking of you, Hayles!


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