Friday, May 2, 2008

Our new addition...

Well, not OUR new addition, but new baby nephew, Nate! Here he is with Cooper, who was 'patting' him adoringly...his words, not mine...he said to Georgia 'Do you want to pat him, Georgie?'. Very cute.

Wonder how long until my bundle of joy is here? Any guesses?


  1. I'm sure it won't be long!! I am feeling so excited for you! I am so impatient, wish it was me having bubs soon.... need to bide my time!! I have just been waiting for so long already!! xxx

  2. Oh Sar, that is such a cute boy you have! You need to scrap that comment so you can remember it!
    Not long to go for you at all!!!
    Dont forget to text me when it happens!!
    Loving your quilt too! Im sure your baby girl will love it!

  3. Won't be too long, I feel like I've got AGES to go. And already soooo big.

    Gorgeous photo, and the quilt is DEVINE