Monday, May 26, 2008

Bronte Joan Ward is here!

FINALLY! Our baby girl made her grand entrance at 11.46pm on Friday 23 May 2008, 14 minutes before our 5th wedding anniversary! I'm glad she has a day all of her own. After all the anxiety and waiting last week, everything was over and done with really quickly. I was in full labour for less than four hours and Bronte arrived after only 20 minutes of pushing. She is absolutely perfect, looks a little bit like Cooper and a little bit like Georgia...but mostly she just looks like herself.

So I'm back at home today, they pushed me out the door of the hospital just about. I was happy to come home though, and hubby had been cleaning like mad and had my house looking amazing when I walked in the door. The kids were stoked to have their baby sister at home and Cooper keeps saying to me 'I'm so happy you bought my new baby home'. Georgia is interested and points saying 'bubba', but really isn't too fussed by it all....mainly she just wants cuddles from Mummy, which I've been giving out as often as I can!

So, life here is about to become a whole lot more hectic for me, I think. Will be nice for the next month while Daniel is off work to help me, but its gonna be one big juggling act after that, I think. I'm so blessed though, and can't imagine it any other way.

Here are some piccies of our new addition!

This first one was taken just minutes after Bronte arrived - me, Daniel and my sister Nic with our gorgeous girl. My sis stayed for the birth and I loved having her there.

My girl, still all mucky but looking beautiful anyway.

Big brother Cooper, proud as punch.

My girls, 17 months apart. There won't be this much difference in their size for long.

Bronte & I, all ready to leave the hospital today. Check out the gorgeous blanket my mum made for Bronte, all my kids have had a handmade embroidered blanket which they've left the hospital under.

And home today, in her rocker on the quilt that I made for her.

Bedtime for me now, 8pm on Monday night, I'm sure it won't be long before I'm back up nipples are NOT looking forward to that!! LOL



  1. Awww, congrats again hun, so so so precious. Can't wait for mine now.

    I'm with you on the nipple pain thought, thankfully it doesn't last THAT long.


  2. Congrats Sar, she is absolutely gorgeous! She looks so tiny next to her big sister!
    I was so excited to hear that Bronte was finally born!! xxx

  3. Congratulations! She's absolutely beautiful Sar. I got all teary reading your post - so very happy for your and your family. Four hrs! You lucky chicken - you looked so good straight after!

    btw - get hubby to go to the chemist to get you some lansinoh for that pain - its a life saver!

    All the best chick. Lis xxx

  4. congrats sar! glad to see she arrived safely! its hard to remember they start out ssoooo small and before you know it they are 1!! sniff!
    take care, rest up and use that hubby of your while he is off work ;)
    chat to you soon, juzzy

  5. Congratulations Sar!
    She is absolutely beautiful!
    And a gorgeous name you have chosen too.
    Enjoy your little princess.