Thursday, May 22, 2008

And still...

Can you believe it, I'm now three days overdue and still bloody waiting!!! I didn't for one minute think I'd go overdue, both my kids were three days early so I thought this one would be well and truly here by now. But no, think she has decided its too cold at the moment and that my belly is a good place to stay! Saw my midwife today and she doesn't think it'll be much longer...but who REALLY knows??? Feels to me like this baby is NEVER coming, that she is just a figment of my imagination....there was this huge buildup to our due date, then it comes and goes, and nothing...what an anti-climax. I know it'll be worth the wait and eventually she HAS to be born...but come on already!!!! ;)

I'll have news soon, I promise. LOL



  1. Oh Sar, hope to hear some news soon! Hope this bub makes an appearance before too long!!! xx

  2. hehe - typical girl! let's hope its not just a big belly full of gas (lol). have a rest and take advantage of the extra time with just two babies. can't wait to see some pics of your new addition.