Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm still here...

...and waiting! Bet you thought I'd disappeared and would be back with news, but no...we don't have a new baby yet. Soon I hope, six days until I'm due...

Totally unmotivated scrap-wise, can't believe just two weeks ago I was challenging myself to scrap every day until the baby arrives...yeh right! I can't even look at a page at the moment, can't concentrate, my mind just wanders. I have done a little piecing for Georgie's single bed quilt, but nothing to rave about and its nowhere near done. You'd think I'd be using this time to get as much done as I can, but no...

Here's a couple of pics of baby Nate on his quilt that I made together with my friends Alicia & Linda...he's too cute...

Happy Birthday to my niece, Isabelle, who turned 2 today! We had a lovely day at their house...apart from the few tantrums we had with the kids...can't believe we'll be throwing another one into the mix soon! ;)

Hopefully my next post will be a bit more exciting!!



  1. thinking of you Sar...hope all goes well in a few days.

    btw - the quilts are amazing! and your nephew is cute too.

  2. The countdown's on now - BEST OF LUCK and well wishes Sar. Can't wait to 'meet' little bubs.
    The quilt you made is stunning. Not normally a quilt person I must admit - but loved this one.

    chat soon
    Julie xx

  3. Good luck Sar!
    Thinking of you sweetie!!!

  4. Can't believe you are still "incubating" that bub! Good luck for everything when the time does come!

    Thinking of you hun!

    Maz xx