Sunday, December 21, 2008

Time @ Home, Finally....

I have spent a lovely couple of days at home this weekend, no plans, no appointments, no 'have-tos'. Its been wonderful and I feel like my kids have had a good time with me not having to run around like a lunatic. We need more of this, time for us. I wouldn't say my house is 'clean' but its much improved to the standard of last week. My ironing isn't all done, but I'm doing bits & pieces as I can. The washing is up to date, which with three kids is an achievement in itself. And, the best part of this scrap room is kinda sorta organised.

I have decided to move my computer from the loungeroom into my scrap room, the main reason being that I am CONSTANTLY checking the computer and not fully engaging with my family. When I am upstairs, I need to be focused on them, not my 'scrap-life'. As much as I just LOVE my scrap world (and you guys, my readers!), I don't want my real life suffering for it as it has been. This doesn't mean that I won't be blogging, or won't be scrapping, nothing is going to change EXCEPT that I will have times during the day to check the computer....not every five minutes as I walk past the damn thing.

SO, the computer is moving as soon as Daniel puts powerpoints and phone lines in for me, hopefully in the next day or so. Em & I rearranged my scrap room last night and did a massive cleanout, putting in place some new organisation. I have a big box of scrap goodies waiting here for my friend Justine who I have just recently gotten hooked on this 'scrapbooking thing', so I'm hoping there are a few things in there that she will like and actually use.

And after all this organisation, I scrapped two pages today, really easily and really enjoyably! My desk was clear between pages and I knew where everything was. It felt great!

Here I have the current sketch, Sketch #6 on Inspired Blueprints, you HAVE to give this one a go, there have been some amazing takes on this already and I'm sure more to come.

Then this one, just because, using the GORGEOUS Webster's Pages PP again, love it. This photo is of Cooper and our bestie's daughter Charlotte, taken in August 2006. These two kids just adore eachother, but the funny thing is ever since we found out that Ben & Alicia were having a girl all that time ago, we said that Cooper would marry her one day. You never know, I guess..... ;)

Four sleeps till xmas, I can't believe it. I suppose I should start wrapping presents tonight instead of scrapping....but do I really feel like it? I know, I'm running out of time...okay, I'll wrap SOME and THEN I'll scrap....hehe...

Bye for now, my boy wants a cuddle before bed,

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  1. Oh my goodness... How little are those monkeys!!!! The time has gone ssssooooooo quick!!!
    I will get to the IBP Sketch sometime before the end of the month!!!!