Saturday, December 6, 2008

My challenge @ Divas

Go check out my challenge over at Scrapbook Divas, its an awesome one and a good reason to bring out those OLD xmas photos!!!

Here's a sneak, but head over to Sar's Challenge for a better look....

So finally I'll upload the other LO's I did while Loz was here, ended up with ten in the couple of days she was visiting, so beat the nine I did while at her place six weeks back.

This one is Sketch #66 for Stuck?! Sketches, too late for submission but I'm loving it nonetheless.

And this one is the December Sketch at Bon's Scraps. This is my fave of my LO's this week.

Then I did the December Paper of the Month Challenge for Bon's Scraps. I had one piece of this paper so Loz & I halved it, you better get yours done soon Loz!!

And this one 'just because'. I wanted to use my new Websters Paper I got from Scrap Therapy, its just gorgeous!!

So today was another scrap day at my place. Was a shitty day with cranky kids, but besides that the scrapping was getting done and we were having an ok time. UNTIL I went downstairs and discovered that while the kids were apparently playing outside, they'd decided to pull a whole tin of paint out of the cupboard, which was then spilt all over the garage floor! Not a good way to end the day, let me tell you. Cooper was in BIG trouble and was in bed very early for him.

I ended up doing one complete LO today, not too bad considering Bronte was really unsettled and screamed for alot of the day.

This is for Mel's Challenge at the Scrapbook Divas Cybercrop this weekend.

So thats all the scrapping I have to share, did plan on having another one done tonight but its not looking good, I'm on my 3rd Strongbow and chatting with my msn buddies. See if I can pry myself away.... ;)



  1. I am still laughing at that photo....

  2. Wow girl, you've been productive! Great layouts! :)

  3. gorgeous layouts Sar!! AWesome work - im so in love with that basic grey paper!! xx

  4. gorgeous work ahve been pumping them out by the look of it...
    Congrats on your blueprints gig too