Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Masters Day!

How excited was I today to open my mail and find the Scrapbooking Memories Masters special edition mag!! Congrats to the girlies I know....Mellany Ams, Alice Fettling, Anne-Marie Cox & Michelle Jamieson!! Other names I know as well, but don't actually KNOW, if you get my drift. Way to go girls, what an awesome achievement!

Just want to say though, I REALLY think that Nic Pomeroy should've made it....just my opinion, but anyway.....

Now that the Scrapbook Divas CC is finished for this month, I thought I'd show my whole LO on here. My challenge was to scrap an OLD xmas photo in a traditional way, but you had to use white space on your page. Here is my example:

And this is what I managed last night for Challenge #3 at the Scrap Therapy CC this past weekend. Uploaded it at like 10.45pm last night, so only just made the deadline!

And just to keep the xmas spirit of this blog post going, how cute are these three babies of mine??

Thanks so so much to my gorgeous buddy Loz for these pics, and all the others she took of me & my little family when she was visiting. You all need to keep an eye out for this girl, she is amazing and an up & coming in the photography world, let me tell you. I already have numerous friends wanting her to do pics for them next time she's visiting me!!! Oh well, more reason for you to come more often, eh Loz? ;)

Thats it from me today, I'm getting distracted blogging when I SHOULD be talking to my msn friends, keep getting accused of falling off my stool...so best go chat... LOL!



  1. way too cute.. are u handing those out to special people u know for Christmas? :) LOL... I have also realised where Charlotte learnt the "Hot & Cold" song from... she was singing it in the car the other day!!!

  2. oh thanks Sar!!!ill come visit anytime...
    glad you liked the pics and all the other ones too. will bring them with me when we meet heidi swapp!

  3. hi sar!! these pics are SO CUTE!! thanks for the lovely comment on my blog - oh i had no "boyfriend update" on my blog.... Due to a number of events of recent I have decided to make my blog focus more on scrapping...less on personal stuff.. but yes we are back together and I'm REALLY HAPPY!

  4. They are beautiful pics. Sooo. will be loz be in sydney next september? I need a wedding photographer! lol

  5. So Im not alone in loving the Sassafrass Christmas range then, LOL
    loving the LOs, and those pics are lovely.

  6. Wow! Those pics are gorgeous!!!

    Loving your LO's too :-)

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog, hun! And for the lovely Congratulations..Thank you!!

    Love the pics Lozzy took...awesome! She's very clever...love those as I'm sure you do!! Have fun scrapping them! :)

    Chelle Xx