Monday, October 20, 2008


A young man by the name of Scott Darley was killed at Parramatta City Raceway on Saturday night, driving a sprint car, doing what he loved. 28 years old, just bought a house, about to get married. Sometimes you just have to wonder, why does this happen? My Dad has raced speedway his whole life, and still races at the age of 62. He raced Litre Sprint Cars with Scott for about six years before Scott moved up to race V8 Sprint Cars, where he was very successful and one of Australia's finest speedway drivers. My heart goes out to his fiance, and especially to his parents who were sitting on the sideline watching as they did every time Scott raced. My Dad is devastated, I was heartbroken as he cried while on the phone to me yesterday talking about this. My thoughts are with his family at this devastating time.

Scrapwise, this weekend was a bit quiet. I had a Stampin Up party on Friday night with the lovely Ness and had a great time. Made a lovely card and had a houseful, even got some spending money with the sales so that was a bonus. Can't wait to get my goodies and neither can the other girls.

I only ended up doing two pages this weekend, one I can't show yet but one I can. This one was an online class by Charmane Koch on Bon's Scraps, I started it on Thursday night but didn't actually finish it till yesterday, Sunday morning. The instructions are still up if you want to have a go. Lots of little details, a TON of stitching...but all worth it in the end. I added a few different things, the ribbon is stapled and I used a few different things on the butterflies which I'm really pleased with.

Better go, on the phone to my scrapping buddy Loz, can't wait to go visit her next week!! Love ya babe!



  1. love ya too Sar, the countdown is on!

  2. So sorry to hear about the death of your father's friend. It doesnt make a whole lot of sense does it...

    As for your LO, just gorgeous - I have to know, where did you get the little dragonfly from?? I've been looking for one everywhere!


  3. Love your LO SAr.

    ((((()))) for your dad.


    PS there's a RAK on my blog if you want to pop over & say hi.

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