Thursday, October 9, 2008

Apparently I'm spoilt....

Look what I got today....

A Canon EOS 450D Digital SLR camera. Soooo excited! Have had a little play with it but haven't done much. Am a bit scared actually. So the deal was I could get this new camera because my camera was broken...I dropped it a few weeks ago and it wouldn't work anymore. I begged and nagged for nearly a month before Daniel gave in. Its an early birthday/xmas pressie for me, for the next five years I reckon, lol! ANYWAY, I gave my old (broken) camera to Cooper today as a toy. I was in the bathroom with Bronte tonight and in comes Cooper, with my 'old broken camera'...and its WORKING!!! I was stunned, Daniel & I had both tried it on numerous occasions and nothing...but the day we buy a new one, its suddenly working again? How weird is that...

Hopefully my photos of my LO's and stuff will be much better on here from now on...after I actually work out what I'm doing!

I just found out I won another challenge, in the September cybercrop over at Scrap Of Difference, for this layout. Cool huh? I can go shopping again...just what I need... ;)

If you're bored this weekend head on over to Scrapping Outback for their Graduation Party Cybercrop with lots of challenges and classes. Check out some of the prizes you can win:

Our thoughts are with our bf's Ben & Alicia at the moment. Ben's mum Paula has just had some pretty serious surgery so please send some thoughts and prayers their way that she recovers quickly with no complications. Love you guys, if you need anything we're here.

Bye for now,


  1. Thanks babe.. no news is good news so we can only pray, hope and wait... I have come looking for inspiration and by the sounds of it its the right place he he!!

  2. Lol, well your new camera was definitely "meant" to be then eh?! I have a 400D which Ive had for about 18 months now and I just love it.

    And congrats on winning another challenge!


  3. Hey cool camera Sar, We just bought a new digi SLR a couple of months ago and I'm scared to use it too. Scared I'll drop it! I need to learn how to use it properly tho