Friday, October 24, 2008

Looks like a weekend of scrapping for me....

I was planning on heading over to Scrapbooking Delights tonight to join Sandra for some scrapping...but have decided against it because:

1. Bronte is a bit fluey and not herself, so if she doesn't sleep tonight its not real fair on Daniel who has to get up for work at 4.45am.
2. I'm going out tomorrow night with my girlfriends for dinner and a few 'quiet' drinks.
3. I'm heading up to Maitland for two nights next week to spend some time with my gorgeous scrapping buddy Loz.

So I didn't want to push my luck by going out tonight as well!

There is a cybercrop over at Scrapbook Divas this weekend though, so I can spend tonight chatting with the girls and get some of my massive October to-do-list done, its really not looking good with it now being the 24th of the month, where has the time gone?

Tomorrow Daniel is taking the car to work so I'm going to scrap as much as I can as I'll be stranded at home, and then out tomorrow night. Sunday I have no plans as yet and haven't had any hands up for a scrap who knows what I'll do!? Maybe I'll be too hungover to do anything but struggle through the day with the kids... ;)

Here is a layout I did a couple of nights ago for this month's Black Magic sketch. I didn't realise there was a colour palette to use though, oops!

Check out this Buzz & Bloom goodness I received in the mail this week for my win over at 123 Challenge. Cool huh?

We now have a cubby! Everyone is very excited. It still has to be lacquered, but it looks great. Here's a few pics:


The kids waiting and watching the men work out the window


And a very happy boy on his scramble net

My house is about to go crazy, its THAT time of the afternoon. See you all soon.



  1. Wow that is an awesome cubby house.
    Love your work Sar

  2. That cubby looks great!! Lucky kids :)

    Have a great weekend scrapping..can't wait to see more of your layouts over at Bons!

  3. Cant wait till you come up!!

  4. So I'm finally saying hi over here!!! That is one awesome cubby, very lucky kids. And fab LO's there too, thanks for sharing.

  5. What a cool cubby house!

    My kids loves there cubby - hours of fun!

    I love the look of your yard - looks interesting. I'd love to see more.

    Have a fab week.


    PS: LOVE that Dorothy layout! So precious!

  6. Love your work as always sar! awesome cubby too! wow!
    Luv tanXx

  7. Hope you got some scrapping done Sar! And love the Buzz and Bloom chippies - I just got their little dinosaur album on the weekend, too cute!