Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lazy night...

A lazy night for me, Daniel has just gone to get pizzas for dinner. Oh well, gotta do it sometimes, and cheap night is always a bonus, LOL!

Did I tell you I've booked my first ever scrap retreat? Sooo excited...me, Alicia, Kel & Loz are going to the Bon's Retreat in Melbourne next August. A bit of time away, but good for saving up beforehand. We'll be staying a couple of extra nights to do some shopping. I can't wait! It will be awesome to meet all my 'cyber friends' too, put faces to the names and all that.

Here is a LO I did last night, one for the October Sketch at Bon's. Using some of my Cosmo Cricket PP, a very boy page, my funny boy eating his fave dinner of tacos.

A very exciting day for us tomorrow, our cubby house is being delivered and built...I think Daniel is more excited than the kids, LOL! We decided after him putting it off for what seems like forever, we're better off just paying someone to build the damn thing...between working his normal shift, working OT and the firies, he's just got no time left. This is what its gonna look like, except ours is up on stilts and will have a sandpit underneath.

Better go, sounds like dinners here and I don't want to get in trouble for being on the computer AGAIN now, do I!!??


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