Saturday, October 4, 2008

Long Weekend of Scrapping

Not much happening here this weekend other than scrapping, as per usual! Daniel is working all weekend including Monday, and the weather is crap, so what else is there to do? LOL

Had a great night last night at Scrapbooking Delights. Didn't get there till late and only ended up with not quite two layouts done for the night, but it was great to be out of the house and catching up with people over the age of 4!

One I can't show as its for a CT I'm trying out for, thinking I have no chance amongst the tons of talented scrappers out there but why not give it a go anyway? Even just to get a few more LO's crossed off the list, eh! The other is for Sandie's Challenge over at Bon's Scraps. Had fun with this one and its the first time I've played with an altered photo. Thanks Sandie for the Picasa tips and I'll definitely be using this technique again!

Today was absolutely bucketing down here, so I told DH to take the car to work. The kids and I were stranded at home all day, but we were joined by my girlfriend Doreen and my neice Emma (she may as well move in, huh?!) for some scrapping. I've scrapped into the night tonight and ended up getting four LO's done, one I haven't photographed yet but will try in the morning.

This one is for the Scrapping The Music blog and the song this week was 'Celebrate'. Finally got to scrap Daniel's 30th Birthday from nearly three years ago. It was an Aussie theme dress-up and we had a ball, it was stinking hot and everyone drank plenty.

Scrap Therapy has their Cybercrop this weekend, head on over for some fun if you've got nothing to do. The theme this month is Rocktober and all the challenges are somehow music related.

This one was Challenge #3 which was using a sketch but had to include some music of some kind, for which I used an old TLC frame that I had hanging around.

The next one was Challenge #1 which had to include a song lyric as your title (I've got two on my page!), had to have some kind of curve and had to have the word 'rock'.

It feels so good to actually getting through some of my mountain load of photos I have to scrap. In saying that, I got ANOTHER 130 printed this week...but its all good. I'll get there. If I keep scrapping 10 LO's each weekend I'll be caught up in no time, hey Leesh?! He he...

Not much else to report, did I tell you I got braces on? I got them last week, they don't look TOO bad, but I did pay an extra $400 to get the clear ones! They're feeling okay now but still having a bit of trouble eating certain things. I discovered today that Columbines are no good... ;) Check out the pic taken by Cooper (and check out Daniel in the background, LOL!).

Bye for now,


  1. Sar nice pic! your braces look fine. Good job Cooper!!
    Loving all your pages, your scrapping up a storm, im scrapping now too, just had to go to your blog to put my "music" on, i listen to your songs on your blog!

  2. Ooo clear ones, wish they had those when I was younger!

    Love the LO's, the one of Cooper is so cute, love the colours, and the music inspired one?! Too adorable :)


  3. hey sar. your braces look great! oh and i LOVE that LO of cooper- the altered pic is great!!
    thanks for the wisdom teeth well wishes! haha... they're actually going great. had pain - but been on nurofen during day, panadene fort at night, ice packs - but i can talk, and my face hardly swelled up at all...had a quick recovery which is good- even eating foods like risotto, fish, tuna patties - yummo!! cant wait till im back on 'solids' again!! xx