Monday, March 7, 2011

Stressful days...

Any of you mums out there will relate to just how stressful it is when our babies are sick. We've had a couple of days with Cooper that I would rather forget! Friday afternoon I dropped him at his friend's house for a sleepover, as he went inside I noticed a bite on his leg but he said it was ok, just looked to me like a mozzie bite that was a little red. Saturday morning his friend's mum dropped him home and asked Dan if he thought it could maybe be impetigo? Saturday afternoon the swelling got worse, Cooper started to have some pain and the 'bite' was looking a little odd to me. Off he went to the medical centre where the doctor diagnosed impetigo and gave him an antibiotic. He had to rest, we had to clean and dress his leg, and he needed ice for the swelling. He seemed ok on Sunday, still a little sore but wanting to play. For some reason Sunday night I looked up impetigo on the internet (as you do!) and the children's hospital website said that we should making sure all the scabs are soaked off in the bath. So off I go at 8.30pm last night to run a bath, only to open the bandages and find a horribly yucky mess which totally freaked me out. With the girls in bed I couldn't just up and go to the hospital or medical centre, so rang my friend San who I'd been chatting to about Coop earlier. She told me to ring the hospital, which I did and they put me through a wonderful hotline with real nurses to help called healthdirect Australia. I cannot express enough just how wonderful this service is, if you're ever in doubt before rushing off to the emergency room they talk you through everything. The lady I talked to was just fabulous and totally eased my mind. Anyway, she told me what to do and that he'd be fine until the morning but to get him to the doctors first thing. So off we went at 8.30am this morning, our wonderful family doctors got us in straight away. Turns out he DOES NOT have impetigo but cellulitis which is an infection from a bite. A swab has been sent off for testing and he's back on the doctors on Wednesday, but to say I'm watching him like a hawk would be an understatement! The joys of motherhood, eh... :(

Just to lighten the post, here's a couple of pages from last weekend at Peta's, still have lots to share.

Superheroes - Cooper & Caleb at Cj's birthday party last year, they had such a good time! I've used an old He's Savvy Kit for this one.

Ward Grandkids - my kids & my SIL's kids altogether on Good Friday last year, using the November We're Savvy Kit which you'll still find a couple of in the store.

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  1. Good that you were finally able to find out what was wrong - not that wither outcome was good! Hope Cooper comes good quickly. I am at home with a sick child today too - vomiting - blah.

  2. So glad Cooper is okay, Sar. And thanks for the head's up about that phone service. It sounds great and something all Mum's should keep handy.

  3. I love your pages!
    Glad Coop has been diagnosed properly now, hope he improves quickly.

  4. Wow, I had never heard of impetigo. Glad you know what you are dealing with now and That group sounds very handy. Love the scrappin and hope you have a better few days now.

  5. Hope Cooper is on the mend now Sar - my big son(23) has just had 6 days in hospital with cellulitis -it can be very nasty!!!

    Lovin, all the LOs.

  6. Oh no Amanda, hope he's better now! I've heard it can turn pretty nasty. :(

  7. Hope your little boy is much better now!!! One thing I really hate is when my kids are sick :-( :-(