Saturday, March 12, 2011

My 'pretty good' layout...

So last night I had a Friday night at home. No crop. No plans. Just at home. And you know, it was really great! I chilled on the lounge with the boys, watched the footy and then did a bit of scrapping (and trashed the loungeroom with my supplies in the meantime!). Dan went to work just after 9pm and I spent some time on facebook. All good apart from the noisy neighbours up the street having a party and vibrating my house with their 'doof doof' music!

Anyway, I did manage to finish one layout and got another started (which I can't share cause its for a commission). I showed Cooper when I finished this page...he looked at it closely, analysed it, read the journalling and the title....then looked at me with a little nod and said 'its pretty good, Mum'. I was like 'WHAT! Just pretty good!! I thought it was awesome!'. He shrugged at me and handed it back. Pretty funny...not sure when my 6yo became a scrapbooking critic...but anyhoo!!

Here it is, my 'pretty good' layout... ;)

Pics from the Back Seat - using the last of one of the He's Savvy Kits from last year, which featured some of the gorgeous Basic Grey Origins range.

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  1. Well I don't think its pretty good, I think its AWESOME! So much so, I want to scraplift it.

  2. Aww how funny :) I think this layout is gooooooorgeous !!! Love it !!! xx

  3. love it sar... dont you just love boys!!

  4. meh, pretty good.......
    Love it Sar!!