Thursday, March 10, 2011

Savvy Kits are coming...

...I promise! Just running a tad behind this month, with a delay in a certain girl kit product and now my parcel being held up in customs. I have my fingers crossed each day for the final box to be on my doorstep when I get home, and you'll be the first to know when it arrives!

Just to remind you how AWESOME the boy kit was last month, here's another layout from mine...

Playdate - one of the other school mum's held an open house play date one Saturday last year for all the kindy kids. It was a fab day for everyone - the kids had a blast and the mums had a great catchup and get to know everyone kinda day.

Remember, if you want to secure your kit before release head on over and purchase a subscription which not only means you don't miss out, but you also get a discount for subscribing!

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  1. wow! look at how small Coop looks in that photo!
    I cant wait to get my kits this month... I love playing with new goodies!

  2. I know Don, and it was less than six months ago!!! I can't wait either....have just about killed last month's kits. :)

  3. Great page Sar!!! Love the big bow, and how cute are rolled flowers :-)

  4. Love the layout Sar. Cannot wait to play with a new kit. Don't stress about making us wait a bit longer - trust me, I am used to waiting hehehehe