Thursday, March 31, 2011

Did you...

...blind scrap with me in the Savvy forum on Saturday night? If you did, I'm SURE you're hanging to see the layout from which my instructions were taken! Here it is (again using the She's Savvy Kit for March, god I'm getting some mileage from this kit!!!).

A great day out with friends, on Ezz's 30th Birthday. :)

A big day here for me and my babies - my boy went off to school with his first school project (yes he has blue hair - it was crazy hair day at school today!), I hope his footy field made it to the classroom in one piece!

And right now my Georgie is at her very first Troupe class at dancing, all by herself until Grandma & Grandad pick her up. Can't believe she is getting so big and independant! Thank goodness for my parents as we couldn't do all this for her dancing without their help. xx

Happy Thursday! One day till the weekend. :)


  1. love the hair Coop! and I cant wait to hear about our big girl Georgies first day with Troupe!
    You are very lucky Sar that you have your mum and dad to give you a hand!

  2. Gorgeous layout and what a cutie in blue hair ;0) !!! xx♥

  3. it looks great SAr!
    i must have went wrong somewhere coz mine looks nothing like it lol oops.

  4. love your page - and LOVE the project - well done Coop :)