Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last of the Feb layouts...

Still a couple of layouts sitting in the Feb folder that I haven't shared!

My Boy & His Freckles - another from my Hunter visit, using the OA Schoolhouse range which is just about sold out now.

Climb - a 6x12 holiday layouts from scraps, clever tiger climbing up a tree!

A grand total of 38 layouts for February, pretty good considering it was a 28 day month. :)


  1. you are going to kill your layout total from last year hun!
    I love the one of Coop and his freckles lol

  2. Hey sar! These are fantastic...love the first one. Too cute for words!!

  3. Noice!!! Ur lil' man looks like what I remember his Daddy looking!! Awesomated LO's!!
    Lyv Renee

  4. You are on a roll!!!! Fab pages as always :-)