Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still playing...

...with this months kits, once again using them till their complete & utter death and loving how much I get from them! I generally get five pages easily from my kits, and sometimes even six just by adding another sheet of cardstock. Such great value. :)

My Boy - using the current He's Savvy Kit, of me & Coop last year on a family day out in Kiama. :)

Don't forget that this months He's Savvy Kit featured a gorgeous embellishment pack from Purple Pumpkin, only one left in the store so be quick if you want it!

And again with the She's Savvy Kit, little Bronte eating oreas, so gorgeous. xx

Busy few days here, with the shop being at retreat, Dan being in Melbourne and the normal day to day hectic-ness of this house! Had some very exciting news today that Georgie will be starting in the Entertainment Troupe at dancing this week....bit nervous, she's still so little but doing so very well that I just can't hold her back! Might just have to get myself a third job to pay for it, but thats another story... ;)

Hope your week has started well too. :)