Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I {heart} SFS!

I love Scrapbooking From Scratch SO MUCH in fact that I'm driving three hours to get there and spending three nights while I'm at it! Can't wait to spend some time with my beautiful friend Peta and all the Hunter girls. I reckon there will be a lot of laughs...I can feel it in my waters! Two more sleeps, and I'm there baby! And Donna arrives tomorrow....its all happening!!!

Speaking of SFS, here's a couple of blind scraps I've done recently.

I've used the new OA Seaside range for this one...and for a non beachy page, so thats a bonus!

And the latest one, again using the OA Seaside. Peta threw me by putting a circle flower in the steps....I just couldn't make it work with my page about footy gear! So I kind of went off on my own little tangent and ended up with this...

See all you 'sheepish' Hunter girls soon!


  1. oh you bought a tear to my eye.... cant wait to see you too... it will be awesome!!!
    see you soon my little sheeple

  2. Im crying my heart out now :(
    I wish I was going tooo :(

    have a great time girls -Im SURE you will ....

    {{{{{hugs}}}} and XOXOXOXOXOXO to all and dont miss me to much -lol


  3. way to go Sar..its all happening ! Have a good time.
    The layouts are beautiful.

  4. aaww thats gorgeous, I'm so happy you & Peta work and play so well together....I'll be crying alone with Marijana, hope you have have a fantastic time, I will miss you all :(
    Love your pages too, the footy one is especially awesome!!