Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Happy Dragons Day!

Oh my god, what a game! From the beginning we were nervous as all hell...and Dan seriously has no fingernails left. Until half time it was way too close and way too nerve wracking...but after that the natural talent of our Dragons shone through and we conquered convincingly in the end! Well done boys, so well deserved after such an amazing season. Here's a few pics from our day, an awesome Grand Final party with friends & family, such good company. xoxo

Me & my babies, all dressed and ready for the party, red hair and all!

My sister, the traitor. ;P

Our cheer squad!

Our littlest Dragons supporter - Oliver!

Our lounge room at kick off!

Ben, Dan & Jas...a tad excited after the win!

Me & Dan...seriously, he was beside himself!

Dan & Georgie :)

A very proud Dragons supporter here (as you may have noticed!), a long time coming and can't wait to celebrate the win again tomorrow. :)))


  1. My ears are still ringing the "Oh When the Saints" chant...... hehehe, Thanks for a great night guys....Oh BTW..... GO DRAGONS!!!!

  2. .......yeah....i don't actually belong to the traitor family....i just live there occasionally.....I SWEAR!