Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Day With The Villians

What an awesome day out for my beautiful friend Erin - we've had our ups and downs over the years as happens with teenage girls, but I can proudly say we are in an awesome place and I'm loving our friendship right now. Starting kindy together and now celebrating your 30th birthday - 25 years of friendship and going's to the next 25 years babe!

1st drinks at 9am!

Princess Erin :)

Me & Ezz with The Riddler

Thanks Scarlett for organising our day, we had a ball. :)

Have you gone over and got your She's Savvy kit yet, scrappy friends? I managed yet ANOTHER page from this one on Friday night of me & Em, I {heart} this girl.

Today marked the start of the Nippers season with Cooper moving up to 7's this year. He had a great morning on the beach.

As did the little girls, playing in the sand.

I'm so grateful that Dan is off the weekends now and that he can come to Nippers, makes my day so much happier and the kids just adore having him there.

Right now we're on the lounge watching The Race and will be heading out once again this arvo to Cooper's footy presentation. Another huge weekend for us!


  1. busy weekend hey? The layout is gorgeous...just gave me a few ideas. Have a great week, Nadia.

  2. love those yellow thickers, might have to pop over and have a looksie!!!

  3. how did i not see this post until now OMG im so slow LOL..i agree i love where we are now too ane we are so lucky to be able to celebrate together xxx