Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Look!

Just felt like a have a new background! Like it? You can get one of these gorgeous designs here at Aqua Poppy.

Its been a lovely weekend here with some time out with my man, which was very much needed.

With some wine, beer & strongbow (of course)...

And yummy food both at Crooked River Winery for lunch & Berry Pub for dinner...

And lots of cuddles with my man...

And to miss my babies and come home longing for their cuddles...that made the whole weekend worthwhile. :)

I came home and scrapped a layout just cause I felt like it this afternoon...will show you that one tomorrow. Bye for now. xoxo


  1. Oooh sounds like a lovely weekend! I love the new background :)
    Thank you for your wonderfully lovely supportive comments on ym blog I love having a new bloggy friend!!! xxx

  2. ohhhh that food looks sooooo good!! so glad to hear you had a great weekend away Sar! mini breaks are awesome!