Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am Lucky!

Some days I think to myself 'why did I get myself into this?' and by 'this' I mean everything....the business, the kids, the big house (and the mortgage that goes with it), the weight issue, everything in my life that requires some kind of effort. Some days it all seems to hard, too much work, an inconvenience I suppose.

But on days like today when I am spending quality time with my girls, taking them to swimming lessons which they love, hanging the washing while they're playing on the trampoline...its days like this that I realise I AM SO VERY LUCKY!

Not everyone has the opportunity to be a stay at home mum, who can come and go as they please and not really have 'work commitments' holding them back. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an amazing husband who works so hard for our family, never complaining about his shiftwork, and working so hard every day to better himself and his career. Not everyone has the financial luxury of not HAVING to go to work...and that is something I probably take very much for granted. Although sometimes things are tough and there are bills overdue and less money in the bank than there should be...we really are in a good position and do not lack anything at all. Not everyone has their own business which purely pays for them to be creative, whilst also creating the most amazing social life with events, get togethers and crops very regularly which keeps my group of friends strong. Not everyone is lucky enough to have three amazing, beautiful, smart and healthy children. And not everyone has three little people that look up at them every single day with that look of 'you are my everything'.

Regardless of how much I weigh, how tidy my house is, how up to date my bookwork is...these little people LOVE ME, as does my husband. Endlessly, totally and without question. And most days I forget this. :(

Most days I totally take my life for granted and this is something I need to stop doing, because in the eyes of many I probably have an AMAZING life. You know what, I DO have an amazing life and I need to start remembering this. We only get one life, one chance, and I am sick and tired of wasting it on the pathetic little 'problems' in my world.

I need to be a more positive person. For my husband, for my children...and most of all for me.

'I am my own unique self - special, creative and wonderful'

Rant over, and onto something scrappy...

A page I did 'just because' the other day with the remains of an old She's Savvy kit.

Off to get a few things done before the after school madness begins, seeya, and thanks for listening!


  1. wow sar,
    you have made me think how lucky i am too, so here is a big thankyou coming your way.

  2. Sar..dont be too hard on your self for forgeting all that you have. We ALL do know why? Because life is hard. Life with little kids IS hard. Being at home ALL the time WITH the kids is hard. Its constant. Even if you dont have kids, work is hard. Commitments are difficult to keep up. And all this just swallows us in. But, its good to re evaluate all that is important in life. And that is health and family. Some days you just need to remind your self thats all. :o) Have a good day. Nadia.

  3. Hey precious!!! wow, wow!!! You ARE a beautiful person babe and yes you do sometimes forget it. which is why you have so many people around you (not just your gorgeous kids...oh and Dan!!) who love you and cherish your friendship. Yes I am talking about me....I look up to you too from time to time. You are a very important part of my life, and incase I dont tell you enough - I love you to bits xx Thanks for your it xx mwah xx

  4. Hi Sar, what a great post! You've made me realise how lucky I am too - sometimes I forget when all the day-to-day stuff gets in the way. :)

  5. you were right i can relate to it i can relate to everything except the business ya xxx

  6. what a great attitude, keep it up gorgeous, you are worth it :)
    love your LO too, very cute!!

  7. what an awesome post, Sar! Think we are all guilty of feeling that way sometimes but we need to stop and think about how blessed we really are. I need to remind myself to do that too ;) Love the LO too - gorgeous!!!