Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Old Girl

Trev (my highschool sweetheart) gave me my chihuahua, Caramel, when I was only 13. When I moved out she stayed and kept Mum & Dad company...even sleeping in their bed! She is now 16 years old...and all of a sudden she has turned into an old lady. She is very grey, is not moving fast anymore. This particular day was a bad day for her...she could barely walk, and we really throught we were saying goodbye. She's still here though, two weeks later and seems a little bit better...but we probably won't have her around for too much longer. :( I still remember carrying her in my shirt as tiny puppy with a broken leg. Beautiful girl.

This was the latest blind scrap over at SFS. :)

Looking forward to a night out tonight for San's birthday...nearly time to start the getting ready process, seeing as I HAVE to be at her place for 4pm. ;)


  1. Love all the layers Sar! Such a cute little puppy :-)

  2. Awww, what a gorgeous puppy :)You can see how much you love her!