Thursday, September 23, 2010

2011 Savvy Delights Retreat

Bookings are now open for next year's retreat from 15-18 September 2011! For anyone that came along this year, you'll know what a ball we had! And for anyone who didn't and wished they's your chance!

Head over to the retreat forum to find out more!

Check out my layout from our group photo this year, using the gorgeous custom made chipboard piece from our wonderful sponsors Memory Maze.

Note Miss Tara in the front row...we were all waiting out in the cold for the photo to be taken but Tara was missing, so we all joked about her coming out in her towel...and then she did! OMG talk about wet your pants funny! And the pose, LOL! That could be you in the front row next year....hehheeee!!!! ;)


  1. I'll be there... But won't be in a towel!!!

  2. Awww come on Leesh, we'd all love to see you in a towel babe! :)