Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kreativ Blogging & He's Savvy Reveal

Thank you to my dear friend Ez for passing on this blogger award to me. Mwah!

As with most bloggers awards, there are a few rules:
1. Copy the award to your blog
2. Insert a link to the person who nominated you
3. Share seven things about yourself that you haven’t told us before
4. Nominate other bloggers for the award – share the love
5. Link to their blogs
6. Tell the nominees about their award

Alrighty, seven things I haven't told you, let me think....

1. I have two golden labradors, Kiara & Kobe, and our boy Kobe lost one of his eyes at nine months old to a tumour.
2. My mum is one of 11 children, so I have a ton of relatives all over place, half of which I wouldn't know if I tripped over them.
3. I have been applying for jobs for a little while, with no success....and I have to admit I kind of don't WANT to go back to 'real work'.
4. My favourite band of all time is Live and I've seen them in concert numerous times, and the song Throwing Copper came on the radio in the hospital while I was in full labour with Bronte, freaky.
5. At the moment I feel very jealous of my big sister. She seems so totally in control at the moment, which I totally am not feeling right now!
6. My paperwork for Savvy is out of control. Big time.
7. I wear my hair up most days, pure laziness really.

So there you have it, a few random facts about me. :)

I would like to pass this onto the following bloggers:

1. Alicia
2. Sara
3. Tess
4. Crystal

And now, even thought its totally sold out, I thought I'd share the rest of my pages from this month's He's Savvy kit. I have already done the one I showed for the kit challenge, and here's another five layouts in total so far and could easily get another couple if I add some cardstock. Great value for money at $45, don't you think?

A couple of really big photos, love how they fill up most of the page.

Totally inspired by a layout San did at crop last Friday night, thanks for the idea with the circle chip San!

Sketch #54 at Inspired Blueprints, perfect for this photo of my boy taken by my beautiful friend Lauren at Red Door Photography.

And my babies and their cousins on Xmas Day last year, love this photo (even if Sid is looking like he'd rather be ANYWHERE else).

If you're sad that you missed out on this gorgeous He's Savvy kit and are looking for some boy scrapping goodness yourself...make sure you head over and subscribe to our He's Savvy Kit to be guaranteed a gorgeous package of boy scrappy goodness in your mailbox at the beginning of each month.

Alright, thats it from me today, hope you're having a good week. :)


  1. Thanks Sar... I don't have that many friends to pass this on to, but will have some fun with it anyway!!!! lol

  2. Oh, love the LOs too!!! They look fantastic with that kit...

  3. Love that LO with the circle Sar. Great work.