Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What a surprise!

After seeing the success of Kat with the UK mag called Scrapbook Magazine, I decided to email them one of my layouts last night. I woke up this morning to find a reply in my inbox...and it was an acceptance! Not only that, they want to feature me in their 'Introducing' section and want another four layouts from me! Oh my god, I'm still in shock, I can't believe it. It won't be out until October, but still...I'm going to be internationally Unbelievable...

Now for more layout was launched in this week's round on Inspired Blueprints. This is Sketch #9 and this month we are all featuring Scrapware on our layouts, as they are this month's sponsor. Upload Sketch #9 or #10 to the Inspired Blueprints Gallery by the end of February for your chance to win an awesome prize from Scrapware.

Today I rang to get Cooper in for a haircut...but couldn't get him in so we decided that Daniel could cut his hair with the clippers. OMG, my boy looks so different!!! Daniel says he looks like a crim, but I don't think I'd go THAT far. Here's a before and after pic...

And before I forget, I have been photo-tagged by the lovely Melissa.

The assignment is:
Go to the 6th album of your photos and find the 6th photo.
Share that photo and tell a little bit about it.
Tag six people and ask them to do the same.

So here it is -

This was really hot day just after Christmas, it must've been on the weekend as Daniel was at work. I filled up the little seashell pool and put it out the front for the kids to have a splash. They loved it! Check out the look on Georgie's face, she's such a character. And my gorgeous niece Em was here (when isn't she?!) helping me out as you can see.

So its my turn now to pass on the tag, so I choose:


Well thats about it from me for today, its getting late, Daniel is out at the club watching the Mundine/Taylor fight and I don't think I'll be waiting up, my eyes are getting bleary...



  1. Coop looks so different, heaps more grown up. OMG I cant believe Georgia went to sleep without her dummies! What a good girl. No more waking up to "more dummies". I love your kids so much!
    Where's the latest pic of Bronte hey??
    I promise Ill respond to your tag this time~!! haha
    You already know my thoughts on you being "worldwide published" but Ill say it again..."Im so proud of you, your scrapping is unreal and I love you too!!"
    Love Loz

  2. Hi Sar, how wonderful, exciting, fantastic, superb, well deserved, there's nothing like the feeling of getting one of those emails, you go girl!!!!!

  3. Well... my international girl now... i will so have to get your autograph now!!! He he... you are awsome babe. See, the messy house and no clothes ironed has paid off...just kidding!!! So proud of your efforts but you so need to rub some of your mojo onto me..PPLLLEEEAASSSSEEEE!! Love ya babe!!

  4. Congrats again Sar!!!! Loving your work, can't wait to see it in the mag!!


  5. That's great news re Scrapbook Magazine. We get it over here - it's one of only three mags and, like one of the others, is bi-monthly. I'll look out for you, Sar, congrats!