Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mystical Reveal (and a fire!)

Today being the 15th of the month, it is reveal day for the Design Team at Mystical Scrapbooks. I have just uploaded my layouts to the Mystical Gallery with details on all the fab products used from the Mystical Scrapbooks shop. Here are the layouts, but make sure you check out the gallery to see exactly what products I've used.

So today was an exciting one, let me tell you...

I had a visit from the local fire brigade, and no not for the usual visit or whatever because Daniel is one of them. Can you believe, my dishwasher caught on fire!!?? I couldn't. I was downstairs in the laundry washing/folding/sorting clothes, trying to get organised to leave for our trip tomorrow morning. I walked upstairs to take some clothes up and could smell smoke straight away. I walked into the kitchen to find flames coming out of my dishwasher, I was in shock! I rang 000 straight away, the guy on the phone pretty much told me to shut all the doors and leave the house but I couldn't do went downstairs, grabbed an extinguisher from the garage but then I couldn't get it to work. Found another extinguisher in the vacuum cleaner cupboard and managed to get this one going. I put the fire out, but smoke continued to come out of the front of the dishwasher. So then I left it as there was no way known I was opening it to see what was going on in there! Turned out it was the electrics in the front that had caught fire, but its done a great job of destroying my dishwasher and damaging my kitchen bench. There was ash and crap everywhere, so that was just another job to add to the list for this afternoon! Thank god Emma was here, she was outside with the kids at the time which meant I didn't panic about them and concentrated on putting the fire out...I think if I'd been alone with the kids I probably would've grabbed them and sat outside waiting for the fire brigade to arrive. God knows how far it would've gone and how much more damage there would've been! It was classic when the boys arrived, they couldn't believe it was my house and we spent the whole time laughing about it, and Daniel not being here to help me when my own house catches fire!!! I think its classic in the pic that our mate Kev took his shoes off and didn't put boot prints right through my house! LOL! All turned out good in the end, someone was looking over me today thats for sure.

So apart from that, my house is a bomb with getting organised, the car is just about packed, I'm getting tired. Georgie has been my little troublemaker today...first she decided to take her nappy off before going to sleep this afternoon. You can just imagine how THAT turned out. Then tonight she found the moisturiser (which I crazily left out after their bath) and look at her, little devil...

She's always good for a laugh though, and I needed one tonight!

I better go, its nearly 10.30pm and we're meant to be getting up at 4am or something stupid, so talk to all at the end of the week.



  1. I am laughing.. i am still laughing... there are tears rolling down my face... Oh no, not at the fire, but at Georgia. She looks so innocent doesnt she!!!!!! Oh and the fireies too.... classic!!!!Enjoy you break. Dont miss us too much will you!!!!

  2. OMG....That is so funny!! Im not exactly sure what is funnier, the fire or Georgia!!

  3. Wow, loads of excitement happening over there!! So glad things worked out in the end and you could have a laugh about it all. Absolutely love your reveals, have a great rip and chat when you get back. PS Your daughter is soooo like you, no mistake there LOL!!!

  4. Ooops, make that great TRIP, sounded like something rude otherwise LOL!!!

  5. im glad all went well with the fire.... your Georgia is absolutely funny hihihi!!! and enjoy you trip!! oh by the way you layouts are super gorgeous!!!