Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I am so cranky, I just wrote a HUGE blog post for it to vanish into thin air! Grrrr....damn blogger...

Anyways, I'll start again. Check this out:

I got flowers delivered to day, omg! Daniel NEVER sends flowers and we've never really 'done' Valentines Day so this is totally out of the blue. I'm very pleased, can't wait for him to come home from work tonight. We're heading out for a Thai dinner, just the two of us with no babies, I can't wait!

My day didn't start off so crash hot, I was absolutely shattered and cranky as hell when I was woken up by my daughter at 6am. Needless to say, the late night of scrapping at Scrapbooking Delights was TOTALLY worth it, I had a great time with Kel & Hayles and Sandra was cracking us up most of the night with her take on the songs playing on the radio. Hehe. My day has slowly gotten better, but is sure to improve once again when Miss Emma arrives this afternoon...

I did manage to get some productive scrapping done last night (shock horror!) and ended up with three layouts.

The first one was Recipe #4 for Cook Up A Storm at Scrap of Difference. Due this weekend so HAD to be done last night.

The next was the first Black Magic sketch for February. I was totally freaking out about this colour combo, but am happily surprised with the end result. Thanks Sandra for your eye on this one, love having your input when I need it!

And lastly I did this month's White With One challenge....which this time was White with White, eek! Not so easy, but I like my page in the end.

If you're looking for another scrapping blog to follow, head over to Hayley's blog, my SIL who has just started in the blogging world. Leave her a comment and make her feel loved!! Stoked that I can read her updates and see her pages in between seeing her IRL.

I best make a move, I'm in the middle of washing and organising to leave for Port Macquarie early Monday morning. I'll only be gone for three nights, so don't miss me too much!!



  1. well arent you a spolit little girl then... beautiful flowers. We got to have breakfast together which was nice, doing OT tonight so no romantic dinners for us.. all is good though. Love your LO's by the way... as per usual, wouldnt expect anything different really. Will try and get something done tonight but happy sitting on the lounge watching tele and cross stitching at the mo.... Leesh

  2. ha ha ha - you forgot to mention that i am the forgeotten aussie idol that is yet to be discovered. I had a great night too.