Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I cracked Scrapbooking Memories!

I've been told that SM are the hardest mag in Australia to crack...but I've done it! Got an email today saying that my 'New Cubby' layout (which was from my Mystical DT kit) has been accepted for publication. Doing the happy dance here...come on, dance with me...hehe... ;)

So a few things to share, the current Stuck?! Sketch which is Sketch #75 which I completed the other night. Finished it off with an awesome flourish from Cricut's Storybook cartridge. Thanks Loz for the loan of the cartridge babe, it is just awesome and I'm REALLY tempted not to give it back...LOL!

Then a quick double I did of Cooper's 4th birthday last year. I have trouble with doubles and LOTS of pics, so be nice...I know its not my best work...

Today I scrapped with my SIL Hayles. Would've been an awesome day had it not been for the distractions of husbands and children! We still had a good day together, but maybe not AS productive as we would've liked. I only completed one layout, which I did actually start the other night just by painting the cardstock base. It was then left to dry and I did the rest today. This is one of my faves of late.

I actually did this for the Scrap The Girls blog which for this month to include Ephemera on your page, which is something non scrap related. I chose to use a clothing tag. I have no idea which item of clothing its from, and its definitely not from the outfit Bronte is wearing in this pic, but I thought the words 'Whirly Girl' suited my heading of 'You make my heart spin'.

So like I said, the boys were here and were meant to be looking after the kids so we could scrap. I can hear you laughing already...but this will make you laugh even is Miss Bronte AFTER she has managed to eat a stamp pad that Cooper had been playing with. Mind you, this happened downstairs in the toy room where the boys were sitting with the kids. How could this happen, I hear you ask? Well, Damo & Daniel's eyes were of course glued to the TV screen on which they were playing playstation...

Anyways, here was the result!

Boys, can't trust them to do anything properly hey... ;)

Thats it from me for now, I want to head off and do some more scrapping, I have a LO half finished and I can't leave it like that overnight! It might feel neglected or unloved, and we can't have that.



  1. I'm dancing babe.... And LAUGHING... what are you doing to me girl? he he!!!

  2. Look at Bronte! bet it tasted really good.
    No worries, just don't forget it when you come up!!
    And awesome job on being published!

  3. That LO of Bronte is soo cute,
    they are hopeless, that must've tasted really good!!!

    Emma XOXO