Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My girl is growing up...

Last night we took another step in losing our 'baby girl' and gaining a 'big girl'. We all of a sudden realised that Georgia was getting a BIG gap between her top and bottom teeth, which was being caused by her spending way too much time with a dummy in her mouth. So, we decided yesterday afternoon that the dummy fairy would visit us during the night and leave Georgia a present in exchange for her dummies, and the dummy fairy would take her dummies to some little babies in the hospital that needed them. Georgia is a smart cookie for only just two years old and TOTALLY understood what was happening, and she took it so well. She put her dummies all into a bowl, left them on the table and went to bed without them. She took a lot longer than normal to get to sleep, but we didn't have any tears until this morning at around 6am when she was asking for her dummies...which was soon forgotten when she found her present on the table, which was a Princess Barbie (which she calls her fairy doll). Here are some pics of my girl, putting her dummies out and having one last suck. It makes me sad, but proud at the same time that she was so brave.

Today has been busy, with Mum spending the day, the car going in for a service, Daniel's dad and sister & kids coming to visit, dentist appointments for the family this afternoon. Its been non-stop! Look what Mum brought with her today, a special fabric book she has made for Bronte, isn't it just gorgeous!!

I had a book sort of like this when I was little that Mum made, it was so cute and had bits and pieces that attached and zipped and all that fun stuff. I hope Bronte loves her book as much as I remember loving mine!

Not much to show here scrap wise, all I have is a first birthday card I made for my friend Kellie's little boy, James. I used some of the wrapping paper, which was kinda cool as it coordinated with the present!

I best be off, nearly time in my house for the mad dinner rush, hope your week has started off well and talk to you all soon.



  1. Poor Georgia... but she has done well!!! Cheeky little thing. I LOVE Bronte's book though. Your Mum is awsome... the things she comes up with!!!!

  2. How lucky are you to have such a talented mum, what a stunning keepsake, Tiff :o)