Saturday, February 28, 2009

Its nearly March!

Don't forget to register for our awesome competition 'The Amazing Race' which will be launched on Monday over at Mystical Scrapbooks! My layout is the first one, and its ready to go, I can't wait to show you all.

Last night I went to a Stampin Up party at my friend Linda's place, held by Ness. Ended up getting a card and a tag done, and finally a layout after everyone else left. Can't show much of my work at the moment...until tomorrow when all my deadlines will be public anyway, but here are the little things we did at the party last night.

Oh, and I totally forgot to niece Emma got two more layouts accepted by Scrapbooking Memories magazine this week! So excited for her, and she's pretty chuffed herself. So tonight we typed up our lists of products and packaged up our parcel with our layouts in it, ready to send off to SM on Monday. Woo!

Off to bed now, after a 1am finish last night, tonight I am knackered. I have finished off the month with 35 layouts finished and I'm so happy with that. I have also finished off the month knowing that I'm a total friggin paper addict...Emma & I have just finished sorting out my cardstock and printed paper...and holy crap, there is sooooo much here. I hate to think how much money value would be sitting in this little old scrap room of mine! ;)



  1. Have you only just realised your addiction Sar??? Maybe I should have mentioned my concerns to you a while back he he!!

  2. OMG Sar, loving the direction your work has taken. All of it is stunning, thanks so much for the inspiration...... Rock on chicky.

    SM was the firstmag that accepted me, found For Keeps the hardest, :)