Monday, August 29, 2011

Cooper is 7!

Remember a year ago I did this post with a year to year look at my boy growing up. Well somehow another year has gone by! I don't know where it went, honestly....

Here is Cooper today, 7 years old and so grown up (and yes, for the smart asses, Cooper FINALLY has NEW Dragons pjs this year!!).

And our traditional b'day morning photo (which involves me setting the timer while the camera sits on the steps, and me then running back across the room like a crazy person to get in position before the timer ends!!).

At seven Cooper's world involves the following...

- plays rugby league & rugby union
- loves nerf guns, ds & wii
- is great at reading & writing and progressing in leaps & bounds at school
- loves watching movies (but rarely actually sits & watches the whole thing)
- reads Beast Quest novels for fun
- looks after his sisters (most of the time)
- sets the table every night
- big enough now to not have to have a car seat!
- watches football CONSTANTLY - replays from games 20 years ago to last weekend, all day, from sun up to sun down
- his best friends are still Clay & Jonty from preschool, but his best friends at school are Aiden, Sam & Bailey
- writes all the time, fills up exercise books with stories, or copies from other books, just loves to write
- he is BOSSY! too used to being the halfback in footy and telling everyone what to do all the time
- catch phrase at the moment is 'are you kidding me'
- kicks drop goals over the big posts at rugby training
- has a little issue with lying, but we think we've sorted that ;)

My man in the making, love you dude. And yep, I was the girl he chose to kiss when he touched the bottom while cutting his cake. xx


  1. WOW Sar arent you looking great!!! Happy Birthday to Coop! love the photos and Im sure Im going to see them scrapped real soon!!

  2. Doesn't the time go fast with kids:) good thing we scrap to preserve the memories. Lol